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Welcome to J. Designs! 

We have survived our first year of retirement – it was an adjustment – but a GOOD adjustment!  We updated our bathroom on our lower level – that was actually fun – well – Tom might think otherwise. As usually I come up with the plan and he executes it – and it turned out EXACTLY how I had envisioned!  We purchased a new truck and a travel trailer.  We have only taken one trip this summer, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Its a little too fancy for deer hunting – but lets just say he will be as comfortable as you can be – off grid!

Retiring from designing and teaching was a little tougher on me than I thought.  I found it hard to not have a deadline for really anything more than getting a shower in for the day.  I found myself packing all my merchandise, publications and kits away, organizing and sorting so my office didn’t look like a warehouse.  It kind of made me sad – but I found I could stitch what I wanted – when I wanted without any deadly deadlines.  Then – My friend Jane and I embarked on a real adventure – We jumped on the YouTube – FlossTube wagon and are enjoying the ride.  Of course it was a great way for me to micro-manage my time, make  lists – oh the lists of things to buy, stitch, finish – it has been a LOT of fun!!   We have learned quite a bit about video recording – like no matter what the camera angle is – I still have a double chin. Thank goodness – Katherine and Bella (our technical support) only live a block from Janes house.  I’ve been knee deep into website updates – lots of technical stuff that I think I am just to old to learn – but I have done pretty well.   Our YouTube channel is “Running with Scissors:  Stitching with Jane and Julie”  We are just two gals, sharing what we love to do – and having a few laughs along the way. Check us out if you find yourself with a little down time.  If you “like” and “Subscribe” and hit the notification bell – you will be notified when our episodes post AND we just posted our first tutorial on “ruched and beaded edge”  That video process will be improving as it too is a whole new learning curve.  But I feel I have knowledge to share – and a little humor goes along way –

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