“Freda” The Friendly Frog Fairy


Maybe it was the Pandemic or too much chocolate; but this creative idea came to mind.  Each lily pad is made of boiled wool with a hand crocheted edge.  A needle threader adorned with a flower button held in place by a magnet.  A  short needle end is used to remove the misplaced stitches and  frog charm with glass beads enhance a long needle to thread the fiber end.  Each is packaged with the story of “Freda” The Friendly Frog Fairy. NOTE:  Flower button colors are selected at random Pink, Yellow, Lavender, Blue

Never far from the fabrics edge, watching o’re every stitch that’s placed. Warding off the dreaded evil frog, should he dare to show his face. She will gently life each misplaced stitch, reweave the fibers end. Returning to her lily pad, to bless her stitching friend.

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